Accesing Reverb Settings

I have more experience in Unity and going from Unity to UE4, and I am really struggling to access parts of audio systems.

So in Unity say I wanted to access value within an audio source I could just make a variable of that audio source then access pretty much everything that makes up that audio source. I can even do this with the mixer access the mixer and pretty change anything that is apart of it.

Currently, in UE4 I’m trying to acces the settings of a reverb effect and increase the decay value with the press of a key. I made a variable of type reverb effect in my level blueprint and assigned it to my reverb effect but when I drag from the variable there is no options for changing any of the values associated with the reverb effect.(See images below)

Could really use some advice with this or a pointer to some video on this topic.

I haven’t looked too much into audio but you could maybe look into “Activate Reverb Effect” In the level BP if you haven’t already. Not sure if it will do exactly what you want but its a place to start I guess if nothing else.