Accesing .pak file downloaded via GoogelPAD (GooglePlayAssetDelivery)

Hello. I am trying to integrate Google PAD into my app following the instruction Google Play Asset Delivery Reference | Unreal Engine Documentation

I set up downloading .pak files in app and tracking the download rate. After downloading, I get the path to the file. It looks like: data/data/com.Mycompany.MyApp/files/assetpacks/
But it is not installed in the application, I cannot open the Level that is inside this .pak file.

The documentation says that after downloading, I can use “appropriate calls to access the assets.”

So, the question is: where can i find this “appropriate functions” to open Level that was downloaded with .pak file from GooglePAD

Answer is here: Mobile Patch Utility Nodes | Unreal Engine Documentation

Use Mount and GetInstalledContent functions. But mounting will work only from ProjectPersistentDownloadDir. So, u will have to move your assets to this directory after downloading.

GetInstalledContent func checking if .manifest file exist. To work with it, u will have to place your manifest with .pak file and download it from Google PAD with your .pak file.

Manifest file should look loke this:


Just replace:
APPNAME_APPNAME, pakchunk3-Android_Multi.pak, YourAppIdFromGoogleServices, ChunkID

Hey, can you provide us An example project, Who implements all this, it will help a lot of people, thank’s