Accesing .pak file downloaded via GoogelPAD (GooglePlayAssetDelivery)

Hello. I am trying to integrate Google PAD into my app following the instruction Google Play Asset Delivery Reference | Unreal Engine Documentation

I set up downloading .pak files in app and tracking the download rate. After downloading, I get the path to the file. It looks like: data/data/com.Mycompany.MyApp/files/assetpacks/
But it is not installed in the application, I cannot open the Level that is inside this .pak file.

The documentation says that after downloading, I can use “appropriate calls to access the assets.”

So, the question is: where can i find this “appropriate functions” to open Level that was downloaded with .pak file from GooglePAD

Answer is here: Mobile Patch Utility Nodes | Unreal Engine Documentation

Use Mount and GetInstalledContent functions. But mounting will work only from ProjectPersistentDownloadDir. So, u will have to move your assets to this directory after downloading.

GetInstalledContent func checking if .manifest file exist. To work with it, u will have to place your manifest with .pak file and download it from Google PAD with your .pak file.

Manifest file should look loke this:


Just replace:
APPNAME_APPNAME, pakchunk3-Android_Multi.pak, YourAppIdFromGoogleServices, ChunkID

Hey, can you provide us An example project, Who implements all this, it will help a lot of people, thank’s

Hey @M0yoi, can you PLEASE provide us your implementation (Downloading and then mounting the assetpack and specially moving assetpack you mentioned).
I’m currently working on it but I’m getting stuck everywhere
and nothing is working. Please help. Thank’s.