Accept SDK License Agree button does nothing

So I cant package the app, I have both ndk and sdk installed, $ANDROID_HOME point to correct folder and I have the api 25 and 28 installed

Unreal 4.22.3 in linux machine

I also can get the button to do nothing. i click accept and it pulls up the agreement, i click accept, the agreement screen goes away and… the button is still not grayed out or actually accepted. in 4.24. i’ve enable the other 2 spots and they are green… did you ever get it to work?

I remember that in 4.22 there was a bug about this (Windows environment), and I lost some hours chasing it. In the end, I got it working. However, the bug has been fixed starting from 4.23, and my suggestion is to update the project (if possible) to the latest Unreal Engine version (at the moment 4.24).

Also, from 4.25 packaging Android will take a new direction using Android Studio, so the workflow will change, and I suggest to check out the documentation when it is available.

the thing was built in 2.24 so i don’t think thats the issue. but i did just download android studio so i may just wait and possibly upgrade the game itself to 4.25 when it’s stable and see if that works. as it stands, i am stuck and can’t move forward. also cant get the keystore to run right so there’s that too…