Accelerometer configuration

First, I don’t found documentation for accelerometer configuration.

I have read this :
But no special precisions for mobile settings.

And this is a subject that the mobile section don’t specifically adress : Mobile Game Development | Unreal Engine Documentation

Search on forums and answer hub, but without success. I didn’t see discussions on this subject.

I tried :

But "Axis Value " output always give “0.0” on my iPad4.

What is the trouble ?


Found the “Get Input Motion” node, but no more lucky with this.

I changed the “Mobile Temple” example Player Controller :

But all results are 0.

Found this topic on the answer hub : How to use accelerometer/gravity sensor data? - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums
They have problems to get motion datas in C++.

Can anyone get motion data ? (Blueprint or C++).