Accelerometer axii differs between devices

I am using the Get Input Motion State node to retrieve values with regard to Tilt and use a phone to look around, as though you were looking through a camera at a virtual world. While others have been using Gravity and Rotation Rate, I don’t use them since Tilt with a smoothing function apparently works well enough for now.

This works fine on a Galaxy Note 7, but apparently the roll and pitch axii are reversed on a Galaxy Note 4. If this is a problem of the motion sensor being oriented differently on different phones, I doubt using Gravity or Rotation Rate would fix this.

I do not have ready access to the Note 4, so I cannot readily trial-and-error this. Are there any general solutions besides asking users to perform manual calibration or creating specific settings for different phones? Would Calibrate Tilt, for example, fix this? Because according to many other reports, it seems to do nothing.