Acceleration -> Axis -> Scale

I remember saying that acceleration plugged into add movement input, split pins, use x axis into both scale AND x axis on add movement input is only way to get it to move forwards.
But it also makes it go exponentially faster the faster you go, too fast. So I tried not plugging into scale and it goes back and forth wildly, just plugging acceleration into add movement input x axis into x axis, no scale, it goes all over, and negative all over, negative in y it goes left, positive, it goes right.
Doesn’t work for some reason. I had this topic and wanted to update it but couldn’t find it don’t know how to find my own posts but yeah.
Can only go forwards on x axis and using x scale and that’s about it, cant leave scale free either so it’s strange.
You divide the float before you plug into scale to slow it down, though.