Academic installation and PCB Mode not works corretly..

I tried to deploy some PCs in my organisation with UE4 engine. All done as in * *but nothing to works. Maybe I did something wrong? Is any other giude of this manipulations except documentation? And generall question, is it possible to run launcher for project loading on pcs where admin is blocked? And whats meaning “mirror this machine’s setup to the rest of your class’s computers”?

other not understatnded things in documentation:

  1. Using the Launcher, install the engine(s)-of-choice into the new computer(s).
  2. Finally, copy the Launcher’s and Engine’s install directory to the new computer(s).

Why it must be “install the engine(s)-of-choice”, why I do this on new computer if I wanna to use engine location manually? What launcher I must to use for this? :smiley: Copy from to where? Not fully understand which locations I must to use. Can u told more expanded about these “engineering”?)

I thought that I can make something like this:
1. Provide one derictory with UE_4.21 engine on dedicated network drive for all rest computers(without engine installation on each of them).
2. Provide other data for clients, such as vault… from self location on network drive.

Can I make these data common for all clients? From one netdrive… Or PCB it’s not what about I thinking?

3. And thats all must be workable because I wanna to use Launcher without loggin in UE system on clients, in the offline mode(+without admin prev).

but… nothing :\ In this situation I acrossed with lot of launcher errors.

And why in Windows Registry Install Path Override section you wrote that must be overwritten EpicGamesLauncher but you dedicated engine derictory as example… “Internet cafe owners, for example, will be able to set up the Launcher once on the server machine, such that the server’s install folder will be cloned to its clients.”, not as true, because launcher installs dependencies without wich not works after copy-paste(or as u said: mirroring)

P.S. Who wrote this half-incorrect(outdated) documentation? Santa Clouse?) Thanks for takes a lot of my wasted time…

P.S.S. Later I found faster and simply method wich guaranteed my requirements for nearest clients… Thanks a lot for Launcher updates. All possible with it. PCB mode works fine, engine starts in offline mode. Vault base integrated too. No adm prev required… Good. Thanks. [RIGHT]Thread can be closing…[/RIGHT]