Abyss - VR Student Project

Hey everybody!
We’re a couple of Animation & Game students of the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt (Germany). Last semester we made an interactive VR experience as our main project.
You can download it here:
(Oculus driver version <= 0.6.1) Dropbox - AbyssGame_Oculus0.6.1.rar - Simplify your life
(Oculus driver version >= 0.7.0) Dropbox - AbyssGame_Oculus0.7.0.rar - Simplify your life

In the game you’re a scientist out on the open sea with your team. You’re diving to examine a strange signal from the depths of the ocean. I won’t spoil much more about it :wink:
The beginning starts with a monologue over a black screen, so don’t worry that you’re not seeing anything when it starts.
As it was a project for a German university, all dialogue is in German.
All you can do is look around and see what lurks in the depths as you sink deeper and deeper. It’s not intended to move around. It ends with a fade to black, so you can exit the game when the final monologue ends.

Some screenshots:
face53f9c7e44225b32d8ca00abcd5385cc8b2e6.jpeg 8250f3e1503815c83b18c65fc72e75b15329fa6c.jpeg

7af47ae16e95999628614c0a07767e7dbb5226d6.jpeg e7535f1df21bcc58f91a22621932a840cceaf2a9.jpeg

Our team consists of:
Niklas Ihm
Daniel Knoblich
Stephan Müller (Stephan Müller - Animation & Game - Hochschule Darmstadt Mediencampus | XING)
Theresa Schaub (
Tristan Weber (