I want to know why the status of my ticket 92327 was changed to “Solved” ?
All correspondence was carried out by means of e-mail.
All requested information was sent to you.
How can I continue the process of adding my plugin on marketplace without start again?

I duplicate description here :

-System Requirements

The same as Unreal Engine 4: Hardware and Software Specifications | Unreal Engine Documentation

-Installation Guide

Video : ABulletPenetrationPlugin : Tutorial 00 - Installation Guide - YouTube

-User Guide

Video : ABulletPenetrationPlugin - YouTube

-Technical Details

  • Platforms: PC, HTML5, iOS, Android, PS, Xbox.
  • Platform tested on: PC, HTML5
  • Engine version tested : 4.9 - 4.10
  • ABulletPenetrationPlugin is written entirely on C++, but is aimed primarily for users working on a bluprint.
  • ABulletPenetrationPlugin already includes a binaries for Win64.Therefore it can be used in the Blueprint-only projects.
    But for Package the project for shipping, project should be converted to the C++ project.Otherwise, the plugin will not be added to the package.
  • After the installation of ABulletPenetrationPlugin, a special class will be available, and you can create your bluprints based on which. All the default variables
    of this class, blueprints, who was based on him, will be have detailed description and visual schematic hint,
    with detailed information on the appointment of the variable.
  • The algorithm of the plugin uses a complex trace. Since in UE4 tracing of BSP-geometry may return wrong results,
    we recommend to exclude the BSP-geometry from the level, but its availability and using will not lead to any errors of the plugin.

-What does my plugin
ABulletPenetrationPlugin is created primarily to help a developers to create shooters. It provides the possibility of creating a special class of the actor,
the main feature of which - is the ability to hit and cause damage to targets beyond the obstacle. Thus it is possible to achieve the effect of the shooting
like in the world famous Counter-strike, when an obstacle does not guarantee complete safety for your opponent…
Actors created on the basis of the main plugin class and its subclasses, are essentially is already “bullet”, and working on the principle of “fire and forget” - only need to specify the starting point and the direction of flight,
everything else the bullet will make itself, depending on its configuration. Bullet taken into account not only the thickness of the obstacles, which it got,
but also the physical properties of the surface of the obstacle, these properties can be adjusted depending on your preferences.
In addition, the bullet can produce effects for the inlet and outlet openings and transfer damage using standard methods of UE4 (like Apply Damage and etc.),
add impulse to the point of bullet hit - and therefore the integration of plugin will not require any serious changes in your project.
Thus ABulletPenetrationPlugin covers a wide range of applications, necessary to create a shooter. All in your hands!

This is something Ive been looking for, for awhile now Ive been trying myself. My only concerns are, does this use projectile type bullets, or can I use hitscan (as thats what Im using in my project and I see no reason to change) and whats the cost?

Answers on your questions:

  1. Bullet of my plugin is not projectile. I do not understand, what are you mean, saying “Hitscan”. Results of hit of bullet may be gived from event “OnBulletHit” (Only for input holes).
  2. For more understanding i advice you to watch short user guides on YouTube: ABulletPenetrationPlugin - YouTube
  3. The estimated price is $ 15-20.

Dear Epic Team , can you help me with my question from first post in this thread ?