Abstract (PC Game)

Hey guys and gals,

Abstract is a third person, cooperative or player versus player online action game set in an evolving sci-fi world. Yes, we have rockets and lasers! Yes, we have kill-streaks! Of course we have zombies! Why not? I have been working on this project awhile now and release is tomorrow. I want to continue to improve this over early access and have even more beautiful game after its complete. I constantly update with the community in mind. I want to take the time to thank Unreal Engine for all they do for us developers they have always been there to help me with anything I need, so thank you. They have built a great community where we can bring our dreams together. Now that being said. This is a fun arena type shooter with some old school elements single player in the works, co op and horde mode also. I want to bring more server options achievements and progression system in the very near future. So if you don’t mind check out the video and the pictures and if you want check out the game itself and let me know what you think and have a fantastic day my friends and fellow Devs !!

All my information can be found on the steam page all links to social media, screenshots and videos.
Thank you

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Wow seems really interesting!
Good job

Are those the Synty studio assets I spy with my little eye?

yes they are I love those guys and their work :slight_smile: @rustbucket1971

Me too, I buy anything they put out when it goes on sale, even if its just for the inspiration to try stuff!