Abstract Cliff City

A quick 1hr scene I did for fun, using the Vehicle and Kite demo assets.
Please let me know what you think!


Awesome work - the amount of rocks you placed actually had me thinking this was a photograph for a second! :smiley:

The water reflections are boss like. I have created them.

NO i dont T_T

Thanks :slight_smile: I didn’t actually place many rocks, just foilage painted on a couple thousand low poly rocks, then filled in the gaps with high poly ones. I found this technique to be really useful for creating realistic cliffs without sacrificing performance. :smiley:


What kind of weather system or volumetric cloud you used? Is part of the Kite Demo and Vehicle assets? Or is it something else?


The cliff looks super realistic! :smiley:

It’s the skydome from 's ocean project.


Holy ****…

Hi, where is the ocean from? Great stuff.

It’s the skydome from 's ocean project.

Thanks . it’s a beautiful cliff city using the Greg’s Skydome!
And thanks again, now I know I’m not the only one creating lands, scattering lots of rocks using the foliage instanced meshes. But you already have tested something like worldmachine?

I have tested WM, but the resolution in the free version isn’t good enough for most of my environments.

It’s from 's ocean project as well.