Absolutely disgusted by Marketplace refund policy

Reading OP, it sounds like OP’s issue. I tend to read description first. If I need something for mobile VR, and description says nothing about it, I double check tris counts and whatnot (should be in the description) and if I don’t think it could work for my project, I contact author and ask if they have any plans releasing version for mobile VR. Usually it’s either simple no, or some sort of explanation about why it would (not) work on mobile or mobile VR. With all the facts given, I can make a call (right one or wrong one) and either walk away or purchase it. After that, if what I buy matches with what’s advertised, but it doesn’t work for my project (whether out of the box or after modifications), shame on me. There is no way I can justify asking for refund.

Being an artist myself, I wouldn’t not give any refunds to people who can’t make right decision given all the facts.

Actually, yes, I can get a refund on the movie. I can get a refund on the Book. Not sure what world you live in, but yeah, both of those are refundable.

What are you talking about? If you buy a book on amazon and don’t like it. You can return it. If you buy a shirt at wal-mart and don’t like it, you can return it. Customers have been returning products they haven’t liked for decades.

Over the last year I have spent many hundreds of euros on the Marketplace. I think
its an excellent resource for indie devs like myself. Over that
time I have found a use for nearly every asset I bought from the store until last Saturday. I bought a pack, I won’t mention which one because
thats not the point of this rant and it wouldn’t work with the VR project I am working on. I had another similar pack that did so I stuck with that and only a few hours after buying the other pack I requested a refund for the one that wouldn’t work for my project. This was the response I got from someone called <removed: violated rules and code of conduct>.

I]<removed: violated rules and code of conduct>

I]To say that this was a slap across the face is an understatement.
After all the money I had spent on the marketplace to
be denied a refund for something
that was only around €25 made me feel very under valued as a customer. I
could care less about the money. This is about the fact that I can not in good conscience spend another penny on the marketplace ever again (which I am sure would have been many more hundreds) if this is how Epic treats its customers.

Now before you think this is
a you will be sorry because I will
never spend any more money on your services again post then you couldn’t be more wrong. I’m not
naive, I know that Epic could not give a flying
F*^k if I ever spend another penny on the marketplace ever again. No the only person this
is going to hurt is me but
as I said there is no way I could support the Marketplace if this is how little Epic care about their customers.


absolutely right. And if
i remember right that you can get refund any product within 14 days purchased on the web. Like steam amazon etc. Unfortunately Epic has no that support for their customers.

I just “bought” something on the Free for the Month page. Seven items are free this month? OK, sign me up. Get a receipt for $400, wtf? OK, np, lets call customer service…Epic has no customer service to call?!? Who the F does business with these people? No wonder Apple is suing them! I was actually on Epics side in this, ■■■■ these people.

Don’t be fooled!

The purchase “window” is absolute BS – lol. I asked for a refund within an hour of making a purchase, and Epic Games basically told me to screw. I’m only here because I just made another purchase, which was an honest accident. I purchased the Daz to Unreal bridge, which, apparently, was just recently rolled into Daz Studio as part of a new update. I pressed the buy button, literally, ten minutes ago, and I’m writing because I know for a fact I won’t get my money back.

Here how I know:

A month ago, I purchased the “Black Hole” product and found that my system simply couldn’t load it. Though I have 64 Gigs of RAM and a fair processor, Unreal Engine crashes every time no matter what. I sent screenshots to Epic Games showing them as much. They replied that they couldn’t reproduce the problem. Epic Games is probably “not” trying to load the product with a GTX 1080 for a GPU. . . Unfortunately, I can’t upgrade my GPU right now. So, I’m stuck with a product I “technically” cannot use.

Not only does Epic Games offer a return window, but Epic Games claims a refund is possible on technical issues. But the so-called technical issues must be issues Epic Games can reproduce on their gear. If you’re working with lesser gear and are having technical problems, you’re screwed.

And don’t be fooled into thinking Epic Games cares. Their actions speak for themselves.

I absolutely love Unreal Engine. Don’t get me wrong. It’s an amazing product. But the product is different from the company. More importantly, Marketplace buyer(s) beware.

That’s a very “enlightened” thing to say.

You’re so full of ■■■■.

Please list the products you sell, so I can avoid them.

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you are totally right, i bout 4 days ago, a character customizator that in the images shows many characters but when you actually go into it, it only has 2 type of hairs some shirts, it shows a jacket that when you click it just not there, there is also a lot of problems when retargetting or saving character, so i asked for a refund 3 hours later after i tested it all, and the owner never answered until today, he totally disrespected me in the comments, and another person posted the same than me! he said the product is total ■■■■,because its true, but yeah i still get cero response from epic games.