Absolute World Position not working properly for HTML5 in PostProcess

I’m unsure if this is really a bug or rather a missing feature in WebGL right now (or maybe just me screwing things up entirely), but:

I’ve got a shader using an Absolute World Position node, which is working fine when combined with a texture in a PostProcess volume on Windows, but that when used in browsers (checked Firefox and Chrome) only returns a single color / position - so that it is not usable at all.

I’ve tried enabling/disabling mobile features without any success. Did anybody run into a similar issue or maybe even got a solution?

Other PostProcess volumes work fine (when not using the Absolute World Position).

Also: is there a list containing more information on what works in HTML5 mode and what not - I’ve not found one yet (except for the one that compares desktop to mobile)?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

This is an interesting observation, definitely one that is worth filing as a bug report. I don’t know why WebGL would not be able to support this off the top of my head. If you have a small test case shader/project to attach to a report, it might be helpful to illustrate as well. I wonder if there are any shader related errors present in Development WebGL export?

please share the code, I will try to reproduce the issue on my end