Absolute Space & Sci-fi [DYNAMIC MUSIC]

Howdy devs,

Consider adding a new level of immersion to your game with dynamic music.
Using the very simple vertical stem method, you could have a AAA style soundtrack that reacts to game events with the simple fade in/out of a stem.
Along with the stems, included is a huge number of premixed track variations to get you started with the drag of a file.

Thanks and enjoy!
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Soundcloud Previews:…e-sci-fi-vol-1

Dynamic Music Demonstration Video:



Absolute Space & Sci-Fi vol.1 is an epic music pack featuring** 11 versatile dynamic compositions** by artist and voltage architect Voltz Supreme. Whether you’re firing shots at alien space craft, holding your breath as a creature stomps by or just admiring a beautiful alien landscape, all the music you need for your futuristic adventure is right here.

Each seamlessly, looping composition is delivered as 3-7 stems for maximum versatility, allowing you to fine-tune the dynamics at run-time by simply changing the volume of each stem. All compositions are accompanied by several variations to get you started with the quick drag of a file before implementing dynamics down the line.

Music Package Contents:

  1. BOLD [3x Stems, 3x Variations] 02:19

  2. DEATH [7x Stems, 9x Variations] 00:54

  3. HYPER [7x Stems, 8x Variations] 03:02

  4. OPENING TITLE [2x Variations] 03:12

  5. PREPARATION [5x Stems, 3x Variations] 02:44

  6. RELAXING PLANET [6x Stems, 8x Variations] 02:05

  7. SPACE DRIFT [6x Stems, 6x Variations] 07:12

  8. STARS [3x Stems, 3x Variations] 04:00

  9. SUSPENSE [4x Stems, 6x Variations] 01:49

  10. TERRAIN [6x Stems, 6x Variations] 03:22

  11. UNKNOWN SIGNALS [6x Stems, 5x Variations] 02:40

Number of Audio Wavs: 114

Number of Audio Cues: 114

Sample rate / bit rate: 44.1 kHz, 16bit Stereo WAVs

Does music loop: Yes

Minutes of audio provided: Over 5 hours (including variations and individual stem files)

Supported Development Platforms: All

Supported Target Build Platforms: All

Documentation: None

Important/Additional Notes: None