Absolute beginner

Hi All,

I’m currently looking for any and all advice on where to start to begin programming and creating my own games. I understand how broad a subject it is and really I more want to be able to at least transfer my ideas into small demo like games.

Thank you in advance for reading this and replying.

Hey, nice to meet you! I think a good place to start is watching the twin stick shooter video tutorial. It helped me grasp some important concepts about unreal. You can find it on:

Just go through it slowly, try to follow along. If there’s anything you don’t understand re-watch the video on specific topics again. Normally, you can’t absorb everything in one sitting so the key is practice and repetition until you reach a point where you know where to go when you want to do certain things. Goodluck! :smiley:

Depends what U want to create . Well best place to start is…

Salutations Fauxsatyr,

Both of these suggestions are great.
Once you’ve gone through both those, if you want to dive a little deeper into the C++ side of things you might also try out:

I’d say learn basic game design.
In the creation of a game, there are numerous components that make a game work, like sound, graphics, controls and aesthetics.
No matter the engine, you will need to know those things inside out.

I think easiest way you can learn is pick a small project. Like a clone of a classic game, like Robotron or something. Start with a template that gives you the basics out of the box, like the twin stick shooter example and then approach it one task at a time.

Thank you for the suggestions and advice and apologies for delay in responding, I’ve not had much time off work since posting. Is C++ crucial in game development, or coding languages in general?

Also is it something I can learn/teach myself or is it worth paying for courses?