Absolute beginner questions


I’m about to learn Unreal Engine. My main focus is to learn how to make a game in UE4 rather than monetizing. In other words, I’m learning for fun.

I have a few questions, but I don’t mind waiting a few days for a reply since I’m very new so I should be patient. Plus I’m semi-busy with in real life scenarios so I don’t mind hte wait.

Question #1

Its says on the UELA page “Get Unreal Engine 4 here, and with one free download access all engine features…”. Does this mean I can only download once for free and thats it? Because I have a laptop and PC, and if I download it onto one device, does this mean I cannot re-download a free version of UE4 onto another device? By the way, I haven’t downloaded unreal yet.

Question #2

I’ve used Blender 3D for over 150 hours, and I heard UE4 is compatible with Blender, but only certain models can pass over without any animation problems. I haven’t used textures on any models, but I coloured the models using internal blender colours. I read UE4 does use textures, so does this mean I would have ot remove colours off the blender models and attach textures instead?

Question #3

I’ll admit I did get quite frustrated when I first used blender 3d because of how long it took to make one 3D model. it was because of various problems and mistakes I kept making along the way and didn’t realize what was wrong with it. I hope UE4 isn’t like this where you get stuck for hours and look up lots of forums and tutorial videos online to fix the problem (ie needed to use vertex groups to move character arms/legs properly). So is there any big problems I need to know before falling into these trap(s) so I don’t spend hours figuring out 1 problem?

I might have more questions later on, but we’ll see.

question 1:
you can put UE on as many computers as you want. opening the projects in any one is no problem.

question 2:
export your models from blender in fbx or obj format. then they can be imported into UE real easy.
blender is great for using with UE. UE however makes it own textures. import all your bitmaps into UE then build a new material. not as hard as it sounds.

question 3: this is all that need be said.

Regarding question 3: You are describing the process of learning anything that is complex. That will always happen when you learn something new. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it…

At least the unreal engine ui is a million time more intuitive than in blender hehe!