Absolute beginner question on using free animation assets

Hi everyone,

Absolute beginner here…I’ve been looking online and doing some tests on animating characters in UE4 and the film editor. I’m currently using free assets from Mixamo (both animations and characters), and have no issue getting the characters animated…but the animations for actions like running, walking etc are about 30 frames long so my shots are therefore only about 3 seconds long each.

Is there a way I can extend the animation sequences - for example to make the characters run/walk for longer? May be really naïve but I’ve tried keyframing the transformation track to a new position and added a new instance of the animation to see if that would work but the character jumps back to the original starting position.

Is this one of those things where I’m completely out of my depth and just something that needs to be learned/needs some money putting into it?

Any help would be grand!