Absolute beginner looking for advice


as you can see in the title I am completely new to UE. I’m always fascinated by photorealistic cinematics and I want to get my hands on this aswell.
Therefore I am looking for some real basic tutorials. Is there a special creator or series you could recommend for getting me started?
Also, do I need to spend money on assets etc. in order to create something good looking or is this also possible with freeware?
I am really thankful for any advice!

/Sorry if wrong forum!

If your main goal is rendering videos then you need to ignore UE4 for quite a while and focus on 3D modeling and animation, Blender is a free 3D software that can be used for that, but you’ll have to spend quite a while learning the basics. There’s plenty of 3D modeling, texturing, and animation tutorials available on the internet.

For free and cheap 3D modeling and painting tools you might want to check bforartists (a Blender fork with a better cleaner UI), ArmorPaint and Rocket3F Basic. Then there are many quite cheap and very expensive software packages to use.
Anyway nothing stops you from buying ready assets to achieve what you want even if your goal is not that of creating a game.
You can always buy royalty free assets and modify them as needed and such.