Absention - 1st Person Puzzle/Survival Horror - Programmer Needed

Watch the teaser trailer here

I started Absention as a solo passion project to learn UE4 and it has helped me land my last 2 jobs as a 3D Artist.

I am currently looking for a dedicated Programmer to help make a demo which I plan to release for free alongside a Kickstarter and other funding prospects.

I am offering a partnership until funding is acquired and will hopefully pay you with an agreed percentage and hopefully a more permanent role after depending on the success of this phase.

Project Title:

Trapped in a time loop where you relive the same night. Explore a mysterious lake house and uncover what happened to your missing father.


  • Highly realistic visuals
  • 1 enemy, 1 maze-like environment
  • Some randomization of rooms and objects
  • Single player, first person
  • Developed with VR in mind but not essential

Current Progress:

  • Completed Design Document for the demo
  • All environments in various states of polish
  • Using 4.16.1

Team Name:
Dream Wave Games

Team Structure:
Robert Bruce (Project Creator)
3D Artist, Game Designer, basic Blueprint knowledge

Previous Work:
N/A - first company title. However, I am a professional Senior 3D Artist by day and worked on many global Interactive and VR commercial projects.

Talent Required:

  • 1x Programmer/Developer
  • Familiar with C++ & Blueprints
  • Experience with Perforce a bonus.
  • Expected to develop player interactivity, object interactions, enemy A.I etc
  • Remote is okay, English speaking is a must


Final Words:
To be clear. I’m just one person who really believes in this project. It’s hard for me to ask so much without upfront payment, however I know it can pay off.

I’ve done as much as I can by myself and finally feel comfortable to ask for help. If you start this project you’ll be provided with a comprehensive Design Doc and assets to start ASAP. I have a clear goal and hope we can create something special.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Robert Bruce

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]