About webcam input support in 4.27

Hi. Developers.
I have a question.
I used the compositing function using a webcam C920 in 4.26. (Image 1)

I upgraded the project to 4.27 as is. However, in 4.27, the screen does not come on even when a webcam device is selected. (Image 2)

I want to know if this is a bug or if the webcam or USB capture feature is no longer available in 4.27.

If anyone knows about this issue, please reply. Thank.

Same here. Just tested.

In Playback options choose Tracks → Video → Stream 0
Check the Playback options → Formats → video → you choice
Doesn’t work in 4.27 but did in 4.26 when plkay is on.

right. It doesn’t work on 4.27.

The bug has been reported. People can vote on bugs they’d like fixed.