About Visual Dataprep's selection transform "Select Actor Componets" and "Selecti Owning Actor"

About Dataprep’s selection transform

I would like to know how to use “Select Actor Componets” and “Selecti Owning Actor” and how they work.

Select Actor Componets" is for adding filters.

I understand that “Select Actor Componets” is used to add filters, and “Selecti Owning Actor” is used to select objects owned by actors.
I understand that “Select Actor Componets” is for adding filters and “Selecti Owning Actor” is for selecting objects owned by actors, but I can’t seem to get them to work.

The following image shows the recipe for “Select Owning Actor”.

Thank you very much for your help.


“Select Actor Components”: it will allow you to get all components from the currently selected actors. Then you can apply some other filter to select some particular components.
In this example I select some of the components of the Curtain_Wall_Curtain_Wall actors and add tags to them and change their colors

“Select Owning Actor” does the contrary. If you are currently selecting components you can get back to their owning actors.
In this example, I select all components, filter the ones that have the curtain panels metadata and then select all the actors containing those components.

You can select attached actors (descendants) using the “Select Hierarchy” function.
To select Parents of an actor you need to make your own custom function. I attached the asset if you want to try.

In this example I am selecting the “Top_Rails_Top_Rail” actor and then selecting its parent.

The custom selection transform blueprint

DST_SelectParent.uasset (38.2 KB)

If I reuse your example:

Hello UE_FlavienP.

Thank you very much for showing me how to use it in a very simple way. You’ve been very helpful!

Thank you also for the blue print for reference, I will touch it up.