About unreal engine multiplayer tutorial

So at the end of tutorial you can host server and all that thing and select your character.

I want to make FPS game with those characters. So when i make script at the Base character it apply for all other characters but i want to spawn a different weapon for each character.
Do i need to make separate characters with their own BP’s not parented? Or is there other way to do this?

All characters are independants, different actors at spawn time, cook inside the player BP a function to spawn/change the weapon (weapon like a child actor), at spawn time the player spawn its weapon. If player1 has always same weapon, player2 other fixed one, etc. can ask to playerstate its playerID, up to its ID spawn its associated weapon (child actor).
If your purpose is select anyone a specific weapon (under a list) is more complicated, must be saved the player ID + weapon actor association and saved in Game Mode in a structure, array or your prefer way and call anyone of them with weapon function then after join anyone in the level.

Sorry my english :confused: