About unique variables from actors sharing same blueprint

We have 1 variable inside a component on the CharacterBP1 and, when adding 2 more pawns into the level, how we make that variable unique for every pawn and how we call that?

It’s already unique. Each instance has its own variable.

Facepalm then, it must be the way I’m editing the variables inside the blueprint ! xD thanks for pointing out, please make your comment an answer

Okay, after digging in some time I found out that the variables of a component seems not instanced, so they are shared by all other actors. (I might be wrong but double checked my blueprint code and now is working with my solution)

My current solution is, create the variables to be instanced on the parent of the component and put them Instance Editable (CharacterBP1 in my question example) because they really are unique in the pawn as EvilCleric says, and then get and set those inside the component blueprint… And this works!

But there must be a better way to do


I just needed to enable, inside the component, Intance Editable and Expose on Spawn to every variable that I wanted unique for each instance of the same blueprint facepalm