about umg animation keyframe

i create an animation20150724140513.png
and i want to bind one event to the keyframe in the red box as shown in the figure,how can i Achieve it?20150724140549.png

so when the keyframe trigger i can do anything what i want~

Triggering events at a specific time is going to be hard seeing as how there’s no obvious ‘get time of animation’ node/function to be found.
Maybe you could override UUserWidget::OnAnimationStarted_Implementation(…) and use the timer manager to launch an event at a specific time?
I agree it’s not very flexible, but it should work… around.

A problem I ran into though is that the function to override passes a UWidgetAnimation* argument, but when I try to use it I get an error. I probably haven’t included the right header.

Thanks for your help! i think the keyframe event is very commen used so it should not be so complex, i wonder nobody need to use it?

This functionality would be awesome. I was looking for this when the animations came in to begin with. Maybe further down the track, UMG is always getting better.