About the Realistic Rendering Sample Project

There used to be a realistic rendering sample project under the learn tab in the launcher, but now it’s gone (probably replaced by the ArchViz Interior project I guess?)
The new sample project looks great but it’s too demanding on hardware. Is there anywhere I can still download the original realistic rendering project?

Same here … trying to track down this project so I can experiment a bit with it while I learn…

I think I found one here It’s actually the course file of the “Understanding Global Illumination for Architectural Visualization” tutorial.

@dragonhuang97 - thank you so much! That was exactly what I was looking for.

Well the Global Illumination file does not seem to work. I downloaded the zip and installed the entire directory structure in my learning projects folder. It does appear to be a project with all the normal files and folders from my cursory examination, but when I load it I get a blank Black editor window with the message “No active Level Sequencer detected.Please edit a Level Sequence to enable full controls.”

I did find a series of Levels or Maps, the seem to contain a room lay our very similar to the example in the lesson, but it’s all in a low contrast black and white with no color. I have no idea what a Level Sequencer is, or what to do about as this is obviously my second lesson … very frustrating course, especially considering it is the recommended first one to take.