About the forums and Moderation

I made a reply in the programming section. It gave some helpful info to the topic creator and added onto his question (With a link to unreal answers).

When replying it said ‘Your post needs to be approved by a moderator first’, that message then vanished, and my reply never actually appeared.

My Question:
Was something I wrote marked as bad and required moderation first?
Is it just because I haven’t posted here much yet, so new accounts need moderation?
Or does these forums always require moderator approval?

If they require it, how long does it usually take for a post to be approved?

Thanks, just trying to understand what’s going on here!

Hi Juice-Tin,

the first few posts made by a new user are always held in moderation until approved, so it didn’t have anything to do with the contents of your post. I can’t remember the exact number, but once you have a few approved posts under your belt, the rest will go live right away, no waiting involved.

The time it takes for a post or thread to be approved can vary a bit. All moderators are volunteers, doing what they can when they have some spare time, so there is no fixed schedule or anything. Because of this, there can be some delays every once in a while, particularly on weekends when many of us aren’t necessarily hanging around online all the time.

Hope that clears things up! And I just approved that post you are talking about a few minutes ago.

It couldn’t have been more than 3-4 posts before I stopped seeing the moderation messages on my posts, this is likely just an anti-spam procedure, so in a little bit it will be like this never happened.

That is entirely correct.

Ah excellent thankyou guys!
I’ve never seen forums employ this measure for just the first few posts, definitely a great idea!

And thanks for the kind reply Xenome <3

For the record, sometimes we get a colossal amount of spam on the boards - often pages and pages worth in a single day. This system is a minor inconvenience that means that it never gets to flood the board.