About some new blueprint features

1.How can I override the Find Player Start function in gamemode blueprint to switch between various playerstart?Could you please show me step-by-step?

2.Also,the 4.9 preview says:
“Level Blueprints can now be communicated with via interfaces using the Get Streaming Level node”

How can I implement these,could you please show a step-by-step guide on this?Thanks!

  1. When you hover “Functions” category in “My Blueprint” you will have Override option where you pick which function you override. The function will be called every time respawn occures, it gives PlayerController and Player Name so function knows which player is respwning. In that functio you put player start selection code (it’s good to produce array of all of them before hand) and based on game data select one and return it. Fun fact is return value of this function is Actor so you can make any actor on level to work as a PlayerStart.
  2. I’m not sure about this one as i don’t have 4.9. Definitely you need to make interface as level blueprint thru they are blueprint classes saved in to level file, they can’t be used as blueprint type. Here you have documnatation hwo to do blueprint interfaces:
    But i’m not sure how you pick interface for that Get Streaming Level, since recently interfaces can be used as type so maybe it’s some automatic K2Node.

Thanks very much!Could you please post a screenshot for me on how to do that?I did not quite understand…

Anyone knows how to achieve that?Thanks