About size... again!

Hi all,
I know it was discussed thousand times, but still I am opening this topic - cause old ones are about old versions. I wonder anything changed? I tried 4.25 - just created basic 3rd person project and built it. And guess what? I got 60 MB apk and above 500 MB obb. Are you kidding? Really?
Is there any way to have reasonable size package?

Update: I created empty C++ mobile project, WITHOUT starter content. Debug and developer builds are 110 MB, shipping build is 80 MB. I do not know about you guys but I am giving up - I better use unity. I know it’s problems, but at least it can create reasonable size games. Unfortunately unreal in not suitable for mobile games.
And one more thing: even ancient C++ compilers had enough wits to include in final build ONLY libraries you were actually using. Even more - only include functions you were using - not entire libraries! You could include in project thousand libraries, but they would not increase size of executable even by a byte, if you were not using them. Unreal developers in 21st century still did not understand such approach. If you have some model or texture in your project which you never used on your maps. Or if you have maps that are never called - nevertheless they all still will be included in final build! If you are using third party assets in your project you have to remember or write down which models/textures/Materials animations etc. you used and before packaging manually delete everything unused. It may be hundred or even thousands items! Unreal is still in stone age!

I think if you strip all the unnecessary things from a blank UE4 project and keep a basic level with single color materials, add full compression for the shipped build you should be able to get around 30MB.

I’m sorry to say this, but Makumba is completely right. Even if you can reach 30MB after the APK is installed its size will be >150MB. I’m really sad, because I’m obliged to switch to Unity to create simple mobile games, and I don’t think it would be so hard to make a liter mobile library.
I really didn’t want, because I love UE4, but they’re doing nothing for mobile creators…

Thanks for responses guys. I also performed some experiments and made sure - UE CAN NOT be used for android game development if your game is not AAA. Most stores will not accept apks above 100 MB and having minimum 55 megs of package size means you can put inside only about 45 MB content max. In unity it is 83 megs. For small games it makes huge difference. And to be honest I simply have no idea why they have this forum branch. For indies UE4 android development is unsuitable; and as far as I know AAA companies have own engines or pay for support and have no need to post on forums. I would love to use UE4 for game development, but inability to produce sensible size packages simply kicks me to Unity. Pity.