About Rigged Model

Hi everyone,

I modeled a pedal in Maya.
It’s made of a body and the pedal itself.
I put 2 joints, one (the root) bound to the body, the other one to the pedal.
Both joints are connected.
When I import it into UE4, I experience trouble on the geometry as shown on the picture below:

Do you have any idea about this issue ?

Thanks a lot !

Is there anybody to help ?
Thanks a lot !

i think you have to have 3 bones minimum…

Looks like you have an issue with the normals/smoothing groups


What do you mean “I think you have 3 bones minimum” ?
Do you think something wrong with the skeleton ?
Here is the Maya’s outliner screenshot.

long time ago my mind seems to remember someone mention that 3 bones were necessary for a skeletal mesh, but that may not be true anymore… if the anims work, they work…

but as for your mesh, darthviper may be right… i use blender and we have a ‘smooth’ button for the faces, plus there is a ‘normals’ button to see which way the normals are facing… i really don’t know anything about maya… but it looks like half your faces are smoothed and half are flat… i dont know why that would be… sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and re-make part of the model to find out… did you select ‘import normals’ when you imported?