About programming

Blueprints are still programming yes. You need to know about patterns and ways to use them. It’s still a language. It’s like writing a book without needing to know how to spell any of the words. You would still need to know what makes up a sentence, story telling mechanics, metaphors, similes. etc.

So while yet it is possible to make a fighting game, You need to know programming just not a specific programming language. As a result, this basically equates to needing to know extremely basic programming concepts like what an array is and how to use loops. The rest is logic.

So, I’m a complete noob when it comes to programming and Unreal engine seems fantastic to me, as I wouldn’t need to learn to code in the form of text. But my problem is that there aren’t gonna be tutorials for everything I need to create in my game. there are actually NO tutorials for fighting games using UE4 on the internet (apparently). And there are a lot of terms and mechanics that haven’t been taught on your youtube videos.

So my question is: Can I really create a fighter with UE4 without knowing programming?

I mean, even while working entirely with blueprints, the mechanics used are still basically programming. I don’t know how to implement any mechanics, so I think learning programming is essential.

c++ is best for ue4. I usually recommend the very basics from about.com for the very basics. C++ for Beginners - Learn About C++

Thanks man. I guess I’ll look up programming concepts rather than learning a language. Thanks again :smiley:

Although there are no tutorials specifically for how to make a fighting game, there are tutorials for how to program the other more basic concepts, such as how to add enemy ai, or the basics of adding variables to a game.
If you want to get a good start to your programing knowledge, try making a basic fps game. this will teach you the basics of enemy ai, animations, importing content into unreal, and basic programing concepts.

Yeah, that’s what I’m doing now. Although I’m still trying to figure out how to create the mechanics for an actual fighter I’m getting the information from tutorials on shooters. They have a ton of those xD
Maybe one day they’ll add a tutorial on some basic stuff about fighters. Thanks dude.