About Multiple Weapon System

Hello everyone. I’m trying to learn Unreal Engine 4 abouth a month. I learned a lot from the videos I watched on YouTube, even though it was hard at first. But as you know, there are not too many channels to look at. I was trying to do multiple weapon system like primary, secondary and the pistol. Videos i watched, only shows that how to add single weapon or just 2 weapon. One of them is really good but i don’t think the way he makes is the best logic. For example i want 30 different weapon in my game, but character can carry only 3 of them as i said primary, secondary and pistol. Should i create a variable for each one of them? I’m thinking that there is a much simpler way. But i don’t know how. I would be much appreciative if someone helps me. And just one more question. How you guys learned all those things? Any source to watch and learn? :smiley: