about misurment

hi. i have a problem in size of models i make in 3d aplications and adding it to my project. when i was working in udk i had to build the model and import to udk and resize it untill in fps view it looked natural but it was hard and there was still a lot of problems. what if if i want to sizes be same of real world. like floor height 3 meters or height of a human 1.8 meter and… . is it possible? is it possible in 3d applications like 3dmax?

Just create your model 3 meters high -> because 1cm=1uu :slight_smile:

Thats nice… And, Mr Fighter, what is 1cm in Blender in uu ?

I think it should be the same -> but my team and I always have a “sizemesh” which gives us the size of th meshes that we are creating (in our case the height of the character)

1 default blender unit = 1 unreal unit = 1 cm

Nice! Thank you for the info :slight_smile:

Thanks a Lot ! Is that mentioned in the Documentation atm ?

Hi TwentyEight28,

The documentation is broad in that it only references what Unreal Engine 4 is handling. It does not list what the units for each modeling software is out there.

ie. 1 Unreal Unit = 1 cm.

With this information you can then set your 3d modeling software to match Unreal Engine 4’s scaling parameters! :slight_smile:

Here is the documentation in the event you’ve not seen it.

Thank you!


what about 3ds max? as you say in all programs 1 unit is 1 centimeter for example 1.000 is 0ne centimeter?

Hi Virtouso,

This is true for 3ds max, Blender, and Maya that I’m aware of. Beyond those. I’m not sure as these are the three I have personally used.

The main takeaway is that when you export your FBX you’ll want to make sure to change the it from automatic to centimeters for the scaling.

Thank you!