About Metahuman Retargeting

Hello, I retargeted meta-human to third person character mannequin through official document.
It does a wonderful job of performing the third person character actions as shown in the document.

However, I try to create an animation sequence by creating a level sequencer and importing a Maya-made face animation, but it doesn’t work.

What should I do?

I read a lot of posts on the forum, and they said it’s because the head and body are separated
https://forums.I don’t even know how to bring a skeleton to Maya to copy unrealengine.com/t/tutorial-blending-face-and-body-animation-in-sequencer/492410.

I’m confused because I’ve been up all night.

Unreal geniuses, please help me, God.

How did you retarget it?

I don’t think facial animations would retarget properly onto a Mannequin as they don’t have a facial rig/blend spaces and bones, etc.

The MetaHuman Blueprint has several Skeletal Mesh parts and the face mesh. The face mesh has a different skeleton than the other parts (as an optimization I’m assuming).

I think I can help you…

First of all…

  1. why maya? Create a level sequence, add the bp_metahuman and use default face control rig…

  2. Ok maya… are you using same morph names? or arkit names on face anim blueprint?

  3. It’s more much easy to create real capture using any iPhone, I’m remaking the captures because of this… you can record using UE4
    ‎Live Link Face on the App Store

the result in minutes:

I copied this exactly.

I don’t think there is a face skeleton in the mannequin either. What should I do?

face anim과 body anim을 하나의 animation sequence로 굽고 적용시키고 싶은데 어떻게 해야할지 모르겠습니다. 당신의 영상이 꽤나 흥미롭습니다.
방법을 알려줄 수 있습니까?

You did the more complicated, just add something like…
(Metahuman Face and Body Animation Export from Maya to Unreal - YouTube)
I hope it helps!