About Mesh Component Update Flag

Hello, I have a 3rd Person BP with couple of anim montages and recently I set a First Person toggle to the blueprint and animated the arms via master pose component. The issue is, when I toggle to FP view I’m setting 3rd person skeletal mesh to “hidden in game”. After couple of frames FP arms animation stops. I tried to toggle Always Tick Pose but couldn’t find Mesh Component Update Flag under Skeletal Mesh settings either. Help please :)…


As I understand, n 4.21 it was renamed.

Mesh->VisibilityBasedAnimTickOption = EVisibilityBasedAnimTickOption::OnlyTickPoseWhenRendered;

so try to find this option "VisibilityBasedAnimTickOption ".

Aww I see, problem solved. Thanks so much for quick help.

how do we set this in the blue print?