About logic in AnimInstance(AnimBP)

Now All Example about Anim Blueprint(which inherits UAnimInstance), I mean it’s drive logic is in its event table by node “Blueprint Update Animation”, you have to cast the pawn and access it’s state (speed, is air or ground etc).

But i don’t think this is a very good way. Animinstance should not care about the character’s status. I’d rather write a base class inherits UAnimInstance and define a group of varible and function. when it comes to the character anim logic, drive it by these defination of base UAnimInstance instead of listener the status of character from AnimBP every frame.

Well I just kinda of wanna know what everyone else does and thinks on this problem. As I said all tutorial or example I’ve seen, the anim drive logic is in “Blueprint Update Animation” and in some complex and large-scale project it’s really not a very effective and good way…