About licencing


I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask about which license i should pick but i haven’t found any other place to ask for this. I hope that i’m correct.

I’m 17 years old so this doesn’t mean anything to me for now, but i want to know as much as possible about this in order to be prepared for the future.

when i graduate, i want to create video games which will, hopefully, be free, but because everyone needs money to eat, i might have to make a few games with an actual price. these games will propably not be in physical form, unless if i manage to be in an actual company… somehow.

soo… Which license/license plan should i take?

Do i need a “custom plan” and if i need one, how do i get said plan?

What should i do afterwards?

Feel free to answer anytime you all want.
… okay

Hope you all have a nice day.


(sorry for any grammar errors and informalities…)

If you plan on building a game, you should select the Publishing EULA (EULA - Unreal Engine). You will owe 5% royalties for revenue you generate with your game. However, you won’t owe any royalties on the first $1M of revenue!