About level loading


Is there a way to detect whether the open level or stream level card is fully loaded? I would like to load the screen is not a fixed delay value, but depending on whether the level is loaded

If you are loading a streaming level (with Load Steam Level), once completed, you will finish the execute. It is a latent function (anything with a clock on the top right is) It won’t allow it to complete or move on with the logic until completed.

Now, with Open Level, to be honest, I’ll have to do some research, I don’t see how the Level could open up without it being fully loaded, especially when I consider load times in some of my projects. It’s a lot of data. Which is why I usually try to do chunked level loads. So the initial level load is quick and then other parts of the part open up as needed. But it doesn’t have a clock. I’ll have to dig into the source to figure it out. But I am assuming it’s latent behind the scenes. It’s just not showing a clock because other things are going on. More like a fire and forget and there usually won’t be any logic past an Open Level, since it’ll be quickly out of scope.

FYI, you can pass in variable through that Open Level though with “?Variable=Value” and then parse it with the Options String and Parse Option in the GameMode.