About ios device capabilities

The documentation says the ipad air does not have the retina support for full HDR and Full HDR w/ Sun.What does that mean?What the difference bettween retina display and non-retina display on ios?Thank you very much!

Howdy ,

Here is a site that is explaining the difference between retina and non-retina displays with iOS devices: http://sebastianraschka.com/Articles/2014_retina_vs_nonretina.html

With the question of non-retina on HDR and HDR w/Sun, HDR is going to use a lot of the device’s, in your case the iPad Air, performance. Retina is going to do the same. So if you have both retina and HDR in use, the performance of the device is going to be non-ideal. There may be stuttering and other issue that could occur. We are not saying you are unable to run both, but it may not be get ideal performance.

Let me know if this helps with your issue. Thanks and have a great day!

Thank you!That what I really want to get!