About Introduction to Blueprints - 8

Hi. I’m a beginner of UE4.

I have a question about About Introduction to Blueprints - 8

I made full blue print code(below), but I can’t see the ‘press f to toggle’ messenger when I get close to wallscone.

Only the function of which is turn on the wallscone is activated by pressing f key without showing ‘press f to toggle’

Please help me!!!

What’s wrong with it?

As you did exactly the same than in the tutorial, i suppose your trouble is in the text render itself. Check if it is and not “visible” and not “hidden in game”, then if it is not set in a wrong place (in the wall for example), then if text is written or blank and if alpha color is not 0.

God bless you.

It is due to 0 alpha color.

May joy and peace abide in you all! thanks!!!

You’re welcome. Happy that helped you :slight_smile: