About importing objects to unreal

Hi All,

I am new to 3D modeling and gaming development.
Lets say I have built a 3D scene in sketchup or blender which consists of two cubes. Now when I import it’s fbx into unreal engine, both these cubes are imported as a single object. Is there any way to import them as a separate object so that I can apply different materials and textures to them?

The import dialogue has an option to combine meshes.

Yes, there is a way to do it.

Look for an addon for blender. I’m not sure exactly what the name of the addon is, or the author’s name, but it sounds like a Hispanic name. I think the addon is something like UE4 export tools, or something like that. Download that addon, install it to blender, (there are plenty of tutorials if you don’t know how to do it.)
Then you can export each object individually as FBX. files, and texture each of them independently. Make sure to apply a material ( or if you want to have more than one material, do more,) in blender before you export the file, if you want to apply a material that you create in UE4.

This should solve your problem.

You can also apply different materials to a single object, as long as they have unique materials in the modeling program before you export them.