About importing a car

Hi everyone !

My modeling software is Maya.
I made a car with a bunch of parts, a lot of parts.
Among them:
-Wheels (a lot of parts) : 6 wheels
-Engine (a lot of parts)
-Exhausting pipes

Some parts are identical: I created in Maya an instance for each model to be duplicated.

Maybe about 100 different parts with dedicated UV map.

How would you manage the import into UE4 in matter of geometry and UV maps ?
Thanks for your help.

It depends on what you’re using it for. You’ll want to combine things as much as possible, so if something uses the same material then it should be part of the same object. Any parts that need to be animated need to be a separate object (like doors/wheels/etc.)
If it’s a showcase and the car isn’t moving then it’s easier and you don’t have to concern that much about performance.

Thanks for reply.
The car is going to be animated.
Could you please explain “Any parts that need to be animated need to be a separate object (like doors/wheels/etc.)” ?
Why ?
Does it mean that, for example, doors & wheels have to be grouped ?

Anybody for reply, please ?

the why is because it has to spin, so you have the wheels as floating geometry IE: not part of the body mesh. if its connected and you rig and skin it when you try to make them rotate all the verts and edges will mess up. it would be like taking a human mesh and rotating the head around, try it out, grab a human mesh, select all the head verts, and rotate it a few times. that’s what will happen to your wheels if they are not separate geometry

I think using ARTV1 for the rigging. Is that correct ?

ARTv1/v2 is more for rigging bipeds

So what is the best tool to rig something that is not biped ?

building it from scratch is probably easiest, cars aren’t that complex.
that being said building rigs is one of the more complex things in game art.
see this tut it’s pretty good.

Thank you very much !
I’ll take a look.