About Import Skeletal Mesh Options - Skeleton

Hi everybody,

I modeled a pedal within Maya.
It’s made of a body and the pedal itself.
I add two joints, one onto the body, one another onto the pedal.
Everything goes smoothly.
Then export as FBX file.

The question is about the FBX Import Options in UE4.
It’s about “Skeleton”.
I don’t fully understand “When importing a mesh, leaving this as “None” will create a new Skeleton”.
I tried leaving as “None” and seems to be OK. I’ve got the pedal with the 2 joints.

Thank you for explanation.

If you have two meshes skinned to the same skeleton, you can select the skeleton during import, and UE4 will use that skeleton.

Ex: Male and Female meshes, same skeleton.

Import Male, select “None” in Skeleton - it will create a new skeleton, maybe called “Male_Skeleton.”

Import Female, select “Male_Skeleton.” Now the two meshes share the same skeleton. If you had selected “None” instead, it would have created a new “Female_Skeleton,” which is bad, because you cannot share animations between different skeletons without retargeting.