About Image Matting and Compositing...HELP!!

Hello everyone, I have encountered a problem. When I use the built-in Chroma Keyer of UE4 to matting the external input green screen material, then I put it in front of a scene in a UE scene. I noticed that the matting material is actually affected by the ambient light (or envirnmental light / global illuminate) in the entire scene. After plus the lighting settings of the material itself had at the beginning of the shoot, however, this makes the green screen material overexposed and unable to present details. How could I turn off or avoid the impact of UE ambient light on my green screen material? Thank you very much for your advice and help.

Hello, try set the “Shading Model” setting (panel “details” of your material editor window) to “unlit”, so the scene lights will not affect it anymore.
Also take care of the auto exposure adjustement of your cameras, this will affect everything in the world.

Alternatively you can use the new Composure features, which allow to have a Media Plate unaffected by anything.