About floating pawn movement

Ive been trying to make a simulation like program where pawns go and look after food, but each time I start the simulation my pawns only float and do nothing else. I can see the visual debug arrows trying to make it execute AIMoveTo but its still always stuck.

Both me and my friend have been looking through everything in my blueprint code but we dont find anything in particular that could cause this issue, there is just this one thing we dont understand. What is floating-pawn-movement and could this be the reason why the pawns get stuck? As of now, the pawns in the simulation only has floating-pawn-movement as a movement type.

If you’re talking about the Floating Pawn Movement component, that’s used for floating or flying movement. Rather than just walking on the ground.

If you Add Input Vector to Floating Pawn Movement, it should move.
But I haven’t tried it with AI.

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If you want to use the navigation mesh, you need your pawns to be Characters, which have built-in “move to location” on navmesh behavior.
The floating pawn movement needs to be told what direction to move in directly, using Add Movement Input, every tick. Also, the floating pawn movement won’t consider navigable/non-navigable areas.

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I converted the pawns to characters but all the sudden they forever float, however the problem is fixed with the fact that there are no one being stuck so thanks :smiley: