About exporting and overlaping Uvs

Ahh, I’m a newbie and I’m trying to learn the very basics and I’m allready kind of stuck with te importing part on Unreal.

I have imported the walls, windows and doors on a single file, the walls have woods that share the same “wood_white” material but the woods on the walls are each in a different object, like the left woods, the roof woods, the floor woods, all the same materials but in different objects.

My doubt is, if I want to build the lightmaps in this file do I need to make a single Lightmap for all the objects that I mentioned (floor wood, roof wood, etc…) or there is another way to do it?

Thanks and I’m sorry for such a stupid question.

The lightmap will be for a single static mesh in UE4. In your 3D program you can select separate objects and export them together and then when you import to UE4 you can make sure that the “Combine Meshes” option is unchecked and they will import as separate objects, otherwise they will all be one object.
If you make your own lightmap UV’s in your 3D program then you will also want to make sure that in the UE4 import options that the option to generate lightmap UV’s is turned off, otherwise it will add another UV channel and assign it to the lightmaps.

You’ll want to keep the number of meshes as low as possible for good performance, but for lightmaps sometimes you have to split up a mesh so that you can use more lightmaps and get more detail.

AHhh, Thanks a lot, I’ll try it right now!!

And here you can see how to create proper lightmaps: (pretty good explanation) :slight_smile: