About equipement


I created an equipable item for dino in blender, so i got the mesh, the blueprint and all works fine except and not the least for the visual render.

I only see the item when I ride the dino with camera from the back, and it isn’t placed where i want (I tried attach it to a socket of the dino skeleton, like the ridersocket, but it doesn’t work)

When I opened a saddle mesh to compare I saw that the mesh is directly linked with the skeleton of the dino, and I don’t know how to do that, and if that will do the thing.

I also looked in skins as they are transformed depending on the dino that equiped it, but i still don’t get how it works so far.

Does someone know how I can make things work plz?

https://snag.gy/8bFDC0.jpg Screenshot - 643525d5ae03b536c2afb3ee2136080d - Gyazo