About dedicated servers

So I saw this video about how to create a dedicated server
01 | Build Unreal Engine from Source - YouTube
So this guy created the project in c++
And I have a game that is made with blueprint . So the thing is… When I create a project using c++ I get that target.cs and editortarget.cs file in the source file of the game but when I create a project using blueprint then I don’t get that target.cs and editortarget.cs file in my source folder . So is there any way to turn my blueprint project into a c++ project or can I make the dedicated server without creating a project as c++
I hope I’m able to describe my problem properly.
Please help me if you can :heavy_heart_exclamation:.

I see that nobody has responded so I’ll try to help.
First thing I should let you know is that I am not a guru- just a fellow enthusiast.
I built a project from the unreal launcher and moved it to a source build of the engine and had some issue. but I’ve done the whole process of unlocking a blueprint project about six times trying to get my own project on a dedicated server so I have the knowledge.

to convert your project to c++ you only need to input at least 1 c++ code into your project. to do that, open your editor (UE5) go to the tool bar at the top of the screen and click tools. -your first option should be add c++. click on that and it will bring up a window about what you want to add. You can double click “none” and it will allow you to add an empty c++ (um…file? I usually call them blueprints lol) name it something clever or whatever it doesn’t matter because your not going to add any code. create that and it will convert you project into a bp/ c++.

To go on your going to still have to add the server target and a client target. not sure if you really need a client target for testing but you obviously want to get a server target built. if you need more help just try following the unreal documentation website or reply and I’ll help too. GL!