About copyright

I have a question…
So if I buy a product from the marketplace, and for example it is copyrighted and I didn’t know and the company that has the right will want to law suit, who was the one that will pay, me or the one that sold the product without telling that it is copyrighted?

For example I want to buy some 3d model cars for my game:



L06 in Props - UE Marketplace (I’m really sure this is copyrighed…)

All models approved by the Epic Games Legal Department for the UE4 Marketplace are safe to use. Otherwise they wouldn’t have engaged copyright safety restrictions on sellers forcing them to change any models that resembled real world objects too much, including cars.
Indeed if it would happen that any manufacturer would sue any UE4 developer for using any UE4 Marketplace object then the question is if Epic Games lawyers would step in to solve the issue quickly for free for the developer or not.

So if somehow they missed a copyrighted object and I would use it in my game and if I’m getting sued, it’s not really sure that Epic Games lawyers would join to help/ it’s not the seller’s from marketplace fault?