About blueprints


Recently, I noticed that the Trello card pertaining “BlueFabs” has been removed without a comparable substitute. :eek:

I would like to know why that is.

Of course, a system where Blueprints could create and manipulate other Blueprints would be just a part of the whole
UE4 miracle, but this particular feature was indispensable for my planned projects. :frowning:

When UE4 came out, I started learning the engine like everybody else. I see my place in game development in the area
of asset design.
I have so many plans in the drawer, but they would all rely on the ability of a Blueprint to create other Blueprint
actors and set their valuables, call their functions, etc. on construction script execution.

Waiting for the BlueFabs to arrive, I didnt mind it taking its time. In the meantime, I kept continuing to learn the
engine and was waiting for it. :smiley:

Taking away the concept of BlueFabs is greatly affecting my plans of using UE4 on the long run.
Now without them, I now feel kind of lost because 95% of what I planned is now down the drain too. :frowning:

When you marked the card as “backburnered”, (an expression previously unknown to me), I looked it up and found that
“backburnered” means: “To put off something until later because something better has come along”.

Unfortunately you didnt comment on the reasons for the cancellation of this feature.
Do you really have a “better” idea as the definition of “backburnered” suggests?
If so, wahi is it?

I would be happy if you could elaborate a bit on your plans in terms of blueprints and the features I mentioned above. :slight_smile:

(who feels like the little boy knowing he wont get that shiny bike for christmas)

I started the idea of prefabs in UE4 a couple months ago because I was a Unity 3d developer and I saw features to add or improve in UE4. Please see the thread:

There were more things in my thread that should be made in UE4 from my point of view. One of them were just prefabs that were later called BlueFabs. Alas, I noticed the feature was removed. I’m disappointed too, because Unity 3D has some awesome features that should be adopted to UE4.

They silently removed it from the roadmap, see

I hold out hope for post-construction script editing but sit mostly confused as to why there has been an implementation already that has been removed without it being optional. I guess we can customise the code ourselves but it certainly would be great if the solution was a core part of the extensibility of the engine.

Also a bit disappointing that Epic is so silent about it and their plans… :frowning: