About blueprint path

How to use the blueprint to get the path of the selected Asset

Get Path Name | Unreal Engine Documentation. If you want to get what is selected in the content browser, use Get Selected Assets | Unreal Engine Documentation, and for actors, use “Get Selection Set.” Both of those need to be in a blueprint that supports editor-only functions.

Thank you for your answer,but
This is not the path I want

For an actor, you need to get the path of the class:

Thank you for your answer,
I tried it and it was different from what I imagined. In fact, what I want is to select the actor to get this path: /Game/Mannequin/Character/Mesh/SK_Mannequin.SK_Mannequin

Oops, yeah. You would do this:

If you’re only selecting skeletal mesh actors, use the first one, but if you’re selecting any actor, use the second one.

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This is great, thank you for your help

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